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Midlands Gives

It’s back! Central Carolina Community Foundation is hosting the 7th annual #MidlandsGives at on May 5.

We can’t wait to be a part of such a BIG day in our community . Are you ready to give?

A little goes a long way when we all give at once. Let’s see how much we can raise through #MidlandsGives on 5/5.

The funds raised through Midlands Gives will be used to support our continued community efforts to empower those in need in becoming more self-reliant and achieving social and economic equality. More specifically, we will use the funds to:

  • close the achievement gap,

  • providing life skill to participating youth which will enable them to be successful

  • preparing our client for success in a global workplace thru employment services to dislocated and unemployed adults,

  • reducing drop our rates

  • providing works experience in STEM

  • reducing teen pregnancy and providing parenting skills

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