Our Staff

Executive Office


Executive Assistant to Mr. James T. McLawhorn, Jr. 

Ms. Chantelle Bell

Email- cbell@culsc.org


Chief Operating Officer

Ms. Juanita Dean-Bates

Email- jdean@culsc.org   




Program Director

Ms. Juanita Dean-Bates

Email- jdean@culsc.org


College Internship Program (CIP)

Program Manager

Mr. Jerry Screen

Email- cip@culsc.org

Columbia Urban League Pre- Apprenticeship Program (CULPA)

Workforce Coordinator

Ms. Regina R. LaBrew 

Email- culpa@culsc.org

Education & Equity Program

Technology Specialist

Ms. Angel Lyles-Grayer 

Project Ready

Program Manager

Ms. Alicia McQueen

Email- projectready@culsc.org

Science, Technology & Enrichment Program (STEP) 

Program Manager

Mr. Jerry Screen

Email- step@culsc.org



Finance Department


Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Robert Charles 

Email- robertc@culsc.org


Staff Accountant

Mario Cloud

Email- finance@culsc.org

NUL’s Urban Apprenticeship Jobs Program (UAJP)

For more infomation, please contact the Columbia Urban League at 803-799-8150 or inform@culsc.org

The National Urban League (NUL) and Multicultural Media Telecom & Internet Council has awarded the Columbia Urban League, Inc. a grant to facilitate access to employment through a Registered Apprenticeship and Pre-Apprenticeship programs. UAJP is targeted to historically underutilized populations-person of color, women and person with a disability. Specific targeted industries include: construction, telecommunications, information technology, manufacturing, transportations and health care.

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