Columbia Urban League’s Pre-Apprenticeship program (CULPA) 

2021 Program Application Now Available

The Columbia Urban League’s Pre-Apprenticeship program (CULPA) is designed to provide opportunities to earn certifications, through apprenticeships, for underserved youth and young adults ages 16 through 19. A pre-apprenticeship is a program or set of services designed to prepare individuals to enter and succeed in a Registered Apprenticeship program. CULPA follows a four-week schedule that identifies wrap-around support, career readiness, soft skills training, and technical skills training. Upon completion of the program, participants will also earn an Essential Skills Certificate from Midlands Technical College. Our primary focus areas are Advanced Manufacturing, Energy & Utilities, Healthcare, Cybersecurity, Information Technology, and other careers.

To be eligible to participate in the program, interested youth and young adults (ages 16 – 19) must complete a CULPA application. The application requires personal information, prior work experience information, a personal reflection stating the applicant's career interest, why he/she would like to work this summer, and a photocopy of formal identification.

  • Please download, complete, and save the application.

  • Submit this form and all supporting documents to 

    • Copy of some form of identification that shows proof of age or date of birth (i.e. Medicaid Card, Driver’s License, Birth Certificate, etc.).


For more information, contact



•    ​CULPA is a four-week program. 

•    Participants work twenty hours per week. 

•    Participants must participate in orientation before receiving career cluster assignments.

•    ​Parents are required to attend orientation sessions.

•    Participants are required to participate in Midlands Tech Essential Skills Training.

•    Participants must complete daily Virtual Job Shadow module assignments. 

•    Participants must be in professional business attire every Friday for 'Sessions with Professionals.'

•    Participants earn a bi-weekly $200 stipend upon completing a two-week work assignment and receipt of required documentation.



•    To provide career shadowing to introduce participants to Registered Apprenticeships and/or employment opportunities.

•    To mentor participants to increase their knowledge of business etiquette and work ethics.

•    To offer structured environments to help build participants’ self-esteem.

•    To encourage networking opportunities for exposure to different career fields.

•    To develop and sustain a competitive workforce of youth in South Carolina. 


​After completing an interview, If accepted to participate in the program, the student and his/her parent (guardian) must attend orientation before receiving a career cluster assignment. After successful completion of two 20-hour workweeks, the participant will receive a two-time biweekly $200.00 stipend. Additionally, participants will receive a certificate of completion and an Essential Skills Certification from Midlands Technical College.



The deadline for CULPA applications is May 14, 2021.


*The start date for CULPA is Monday, June 7, and end on Thursday, July 1. Please note that this date is subject to change*

**Although we desire to serve all eligible applicants, the number is students served by this program is contingent upon the amount of funding we receive.