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Get the latest COVID -19 News & Resources Here: CDC

Message From Our President & CEO

My fellow Urban Leaguers, we are in an unprecedented health crisis, one that has shaken our economy and country. Yet, I’m confident that together, we will get through it. We are committed to operating under an approach that will offer support for our community through these times of uncertainty. We will continue to work toward achieving economic empowerment.  Also, we are committed to working together with our funders, volunteers, and supporters to offer services that will assist those in our communities. Our doors remain open!

We're Still Here to Serve You!

The Columbia Urban League is committed to serving our community through the Coronavirus crisis. We are open for business. During this crisis, we will operate via mail, the internet and phones to serve you. Staff will continue to engage in recruitment, assessment, and online classes.  Our goal is to empower communities and change lives.

As A Community

As a community, we must take the Coronavirus seriously and comply with the suggestions for “social -distancing” and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and our public health and government officials. What we do together at this time will make all the difference in our future well-being. For updates, please contact the CDC at During this time, we must support each other and our community. Our seniors and individuals with chronic health conditions are our most vulnerable, so please help your children, family members, neighbors, church members, colleagues, and friends who need the support of the Columbia Urban League. 

Sponsors and Partners

Thanks to all Columbia Urban League funders, supporters, and partners for your continued and ongoing support. Our communities need us now more than ever, and we have faith that we can continue to count on your support. Funding support for non-profits has been and will continue to be affected by this crisis, so please support as generously as you can at  

For Additional Information

For the most up to date information on the COVID-19, please visit: The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control and The Center of Disease Control websites

J.T. McLawhorn, Jr.
    President & CEO
    Columbia Urban League, Inc.
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