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The Columbia Urban League provides career-relevant work experience for outstanding college students through the College Internship Program (CIP). CIP provides a unique opportunity for employers to identify future employees while helping students to gain work experiences that will enhance their ability to succeed in a fruitful career.

How Does it Work?

The Columbia Urban League will:

  • Recruit and pre-screen qualified college students for CIP

  • Provide career counseling support to students as needed

  • Recognize your organization’s support of this initiative


The Employer will:

  • Provide the Columbia Urban League with job descriptions

  • Interview students referred by the Columbia Urban League

  • Hire students in career related positions at a competitive pay rate

  • Assign career mentors to students

  • Contact the Columbia Urban League with any CIP related concerns


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: ​What is the age requirement for this program?

A: The participant must be a high school graduate who has already been

accepted into a college/university.

Q: Are all the participating companies/organizations located, here,

in South Carolina?

A: Yes, however, some of our participating companies/organizations are

located in surrounding cities.

Q: What are the objectives of this program?

A: This program strives to connect interns with career professionals to

enhance participants’ career opportunities and to provide potential

candidates for your company/organization.

Image by Austin Distel
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